Mindfulness in the Media

A key component of theĀ Calmbirth prenatal program is an awareness of the body-mind connection and how this impacts pregnancy, the physiology of labour and birth, and parenting. It is true to say that the body-mind connection impacts every facet of our living, more than we realise with our conscious awareness. This concept is not new, […]

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Whatever Happened to Normal Birth?

I’ve been thinking about this post for a while now, and have finally decided to comment on my blog page. Recently, in the company of midwives, I heard normal birth referred to as being ‘against the grain’. I was more than a little confused by this statement, and while I did not seek clarification at […]

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Sharing the calm birth program

As I continue my role as a calmbirth educator I am able to appreciate just how robust and comprehensive this childbirth preparation package is, in all aspects of design, format and of course, most especially content. As many sectors of our society and culture, including medicine and healthcare become more aware of the impact of […]

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