A key component of the Calmbirth prenatal program is an awareness of the body-mind connection and how this impacts pregnancy, the physiology of labour and birth, and parenting. It is true to say that the body-mind connection impacts every facet of our living, more than we realise with our conscious awareness. This concept is not new, and is very familiar to Eastern cultures, and ancient philosophies.The principles of the body-mind connection have slowly permeated western cultures over a number of decades, and the researched physiological benefits of mindful living are gradually being integrated into mainstream medical care and wellness programs. An article in a leading weekend tabloid drew my attention, with reference to the benefits of mindful living, and the techniques taught in the Calmbirth program….’being mindful takes practice…….you can begin by breathing, deep, long, luxurious breaths…..get back in touch with your body….the single greatest benefit of being calm is clarity’ Courier-Mail 4/10/2015 . These principles form the core of the Calmbirth program, with clarity comes understanding, which in turn brings confidence and trust….trust in birth