I’ve been thinking about this post for a while now, and have finally decided to comment on my blog page. Recently, in the company of midwives, I heard normal birth referred to as being ‘against the grain’. I was more than a little confused by this statement, and while I did not seek clarification at the time, I have thought about it frequently from that time to this.

I simply cannot reconcile this comment with my personal philosophy of midwifery, or my midwifery practice, and I know many midwives who feel the same way. I wonder if the pressures faced by some midwives in some maternity care facilities have resulted in birth being proscribed by strict inflexible time restraints, and even stricter risk management policies?

In the endless rush that seems to dictate the course of our lives, the time for beauty, wonder and joy in life seems to be sacrificed way too often. Surely we can offer this time, with all it’s beauty, wonder and joy to birthing families, and make this offering with care and trust in birth